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Machine-to-Machine Networks

The Next 50+ Billion Connections


From Smart Meters to HD Imaging

Avoiding Network Congestion (SON), QOS Requirements,

Power Consumption, M2M Device Form Factor and Life Cycle,

Lack of Standards, Spectrum Re-Farming and more….


And the impact on Antennas, PAs, RF Semiconductors, etc.


Does M2M Need its Own Stand-Alone Network?



Hosted by:



Elite Hotel Marina Tower

Saltsjöqvarns Kaj 25

131 71 Nacka

Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46-08-555 702 00


October 19-21, 2011


Confirmed Carriers
Confirmed Network Vendors & Speakers





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Moderated by:
Don Brown, Director, IWPC

Graham Carter, Technical Director, IWPC


Workshop Background:

Telematics or Machine-to-Machine communications has until now been considered as the background noise of low bandwidth data communications that can monitor oil wells or track vehicles.

With the evolution of broadband networks and the drive towards smart energy grids, M2M is becoming an increasingly important sector for the mobile industry and will play a vital connectivity roll in exciting and critical new services.

The statement that has grabbed everyone's attention is that the "Internet of Things" will be responsible for the next 50 billion mobile connections. As more and more devices are produced with embedded cellular modules, it is projected that the number of M2M connections in the U.S. will nearly triple over the next five years, creating substantial growth opportunities in well-established verticals such as fleet telematics and industrial applications, as well as emerging opportunities including the medical sector, digital signage and vehicle insurance. In Europe regulation is mandating that by 2012, all vehicles will be equipped with road-traffic emergency alarms, and the ability for in-car entertainment systems to access mobile portals, provides significant food for thought to how this sector may evolve.

The beauty is that this rapid expansion spells opportunity for those traditional applications that have been in the market for well over a decade. Fleet management and industrial applications will benefit from falling hardware prices and innovation that will be coming from the consumer-oriented side. In fact, these traditionally boring pieces of M2M could see a lot more innovation than even the consumer space now that M2M is on the industry's radar.


Workshop Goals:

  • Understand Opportunities for Growth

  • Formulate the Future of M2M Networks

  • Gain Insight into Emerging Applications and Services

  • Assess the Impact of Increasing M2M, Human-2-Machine and Machine-2-Human Services and Applications

  • Identify Network Performance Issues and Requirements

  • Explore Considerations for Future Heterogeneous Architectures to Meet Increasing M2M Traffic and Time Critical Applications




 Wednesday, October 19

1:00 PM



Kista Mobile & Multimedia Network Center



Kista Mobile & Multimedia Network is network associated with Kista Science City AB and has been commissioned to raise awareness and knowledge about innovative mobile services and broadband applications created by growth companies in Kista Science City, Stockholm and Sweden. Here you can experience the latest mobile services in a real life environment, and participate in our extensive network and regular events. Our showcase is centrally located in Kista Science Tower.


Bus transportation made available from/to Hotel to/from Center

7:00 PM


Social and Networking
Reception & Registration


At Hotel

Thursday, October 20

7:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration


8:00 AM

Opening Remarks



Self Introductions

Each person will be asked to introduce him/herself and share how they can contribute to this process



  • Formulating the Future of M2M

  • Considering the Potential for New Markets

  • Quantifying the Demands M2M will put on the Mobile Network

  • Assessing the Impact on the Network – What is the Impact on the RAN


The Challenges of M2M Business For Mobile Operators

Head of M2M Business



Networking Break


10.40 AM



  • How Long Will Legacy GSM Networks Exist?

  • Considering Variations of M2M Traffic Applications

    • Network requirements for low data rate / high mobility applications (coverage and capacity)

    • Network requirements for high data rate / low mobility applications (dynamic capacity)

    • What about low data rate/low mobility and high data rate/high mobility?

  • Considering Future Needs To Deliver Time Critical Data (security, alarms, etc.)

  • The Case for a Dedicated Network for M2M/Embedded Mobile Devices

  • Managing Priority Traffic and Meeting Quality of Service Demands

  • Exploring Machine-to-Human and Human-to-Machine Applications

  • M2M – Sharing Legacy Mobile Networks – Opportunities, Benefits and Trade-offs

  • How do M2M Services Impact 2G, 3G and 4G Networks? Which Network is Best Suited for Which Application?

  • Tackling the Signaling v Payload Challenge

  • Streaming High bandwidth Data

  • Service management – Addressing the need to manage M2M wake up alerts

    • How do you activate huge amounts of M2M modules at any time during the day?

    • Should the network send out requests to send data?

    • Should M2M modules send the data at will?

  • Considering Lifecycles for Embedded M2M Devices

    • Traditional mobile device market 2-3 years versus M2M around 15 years

    • Should all units have their own numbers or can groups of 10s, 100s, 1000s be addressed? How do we achieve this

  • Roaming Issues – Vehicles Across Borders


M2M Services: Opportunities and Risks - Cooperation For Sustainable Growth

Manager, Global M2M Unit



The Impact of M2M Applications on the Networks

Senior Program Manager, Smartphone Challenge

Group Technology

Deutsche Telekom


The 3G M2M Opportunity

Manager Wholesale Services

Hutchison 3G

12.40 PM

Networking Lunch


1.40 PM


  • Challenges Presented by Growth in M2M

  • Optimizing the RAN for M2M Applications and Services

  • Overcoming Network Congestion

  • Dynamic Capacity Management

  • Identifying Enhancements to Support Machine-Type Data Services - Enhancements to Radio and Network Interfaces

  • Delivering Lower Operational Complexities For Machine-to-Machine Communication Services

  • Reducing the Impact and Effort of Handling Large Machine-to-Machine Communication Groups

  • Optimizing Network Operations to Minimize Impact on Device Battery Power Usage

  • Stimulating New Applications Through the Enablement of Services Tailored to Machine-Type Communication Requirements

  • Scheduling Periodic Network-Initiated Messaging - Maintaining Sleep Cycles, Conserving Battery Life

  • Consideration for Alternative Network Solutions (Zigbee, etc.)


The 50 Billion Opportunity - Implications For Networks and OSS/BSS Systems

Strategic Marketing Director



Driving Long Term Profitability For CSPs In A Transforming M2M Business

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Nokia Siemens Networks


Collaboration in M2M - Why Do We Need It?

Global Marketing Director, Internet of Things

Alcatel Lucent



3.40 PM

Networking Break


4.20 PM

potential opportunities, CAse studies and applications


From its beginnings as an evolution to the telemetry services which have been offered by mobile operators for many years, the M2M eco-system is now entering a phase within its development, where high bandwidth applications for niche and mass market services are adding to the growth potential of this market. We assess some of the sectors and trends driving new opportunities. 

  • Automobile Insurance, Transportation, Fleet management, Telematics

  • Security, Payment Solutions – M-Commerce

  • Utilities - Meter Reading

  • Commerce : Vending Machines

  • Energy Management - Manufacturers & Preventative Maintenance

  • Healthcare

  • Supply and Distribution Chain, Manufacturing

  • Home Automation - What is it?


M2M - New Network Service Models: Case Studies & Opportunities


Stream Communications


5.00 PM

Operator/VENDOR Panel Session:


  • Key Development Factors

  • Properties of M2M

  • Growth Perspectives

  • Assessing Current Standards (3GPP, etc)

  • The Need For Further Standards

  • Drivers & Challenges



  • Deutsche Telekom

  • Hutchison 3G

  • Stream Communications

  • TeliaSonera

  • Telefonica

  • Alcatel Lucent

  • Ericsson

  • Nokia Siemens Networks


5:45 PM

Adjourn for Day


6:30 PM

Bus leaves for:



Stockholm Style



Bus Transportation provided to and from hotel.

Friday,  October 21

7:30 AM



8.00 AM

Industry Enablers

Smart Wireless Devices & Services




8:30 AM

potential opportunities, CAse studies and applications


Delivering A High Definition Video Experience to All - Exploring applications potentially enabled by high quality mobile services and network connectivity

Innovative New Applications For M2M - Digital Signage Case Study

Partner & Business Area Manager

Visual Art



9:10 AM

Network/Service Platforms


Assessing the Opportunities offered by new players providing a complete service offering to the customer. 

  • New eco-system players – identifying disruptive technologies and innovation

  • Making M2M mainstream – projected volumes now gaining traction

  • How will business models evolve to ensure success

Pervasive Platform For Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine

Manager, Product Marketing



PlatOne and M2M

Technical Director



10.10 AM

Networking Break


10:50 AM

M2M Devices/Modules & Technology Enablers


Handsets and laptops are typically replaced every two to four years, and operators can subsidize the up-front costs to stimulate the rapid take-up of new devices.

Assessing the sharp contrast between current user equipment and our expectations for the growing M2M market, where 15 years is projected as the lifetime of a device.

Chipsets for M2M use are embedded into the host machines and end-user devices, which will exist in a variety of situations, sometimes places that are costly to reach (such as on-board vehicle electronics, utility meter cabinets, industrial facilities, etc.)

Exploring innovation to enable device replacement, upgrade and change

  • Assessing The Impact of Extended M2M Device Lifecycles

  • What Will The Next 50 Billion Devices Look Like?

  • What Impact Does This Have On Design?

  • Is FOTA More Important For M2M Than Mainstream Mobile Devices?

  • M2M Terminal Management

  • Remote Device Reliability and Maintenance

  • OTA Diagnostics and Repair


Internet of Things

Segment Manager

ARM Ltd.


Enabling the Internet of Everything with 3G

Dir., Bus Dev and Managing Director



Antenna Design for M2M

Joint Managing Director




12.20 PM

Networking Lunch


1.20 PM

Network Technologies & Enablers


Today’s mobile networks are predominantly geared towards supporting the communications needs of personal subscribers with voice, SMS and small-screen handsets, as well as a growing base of mobile broadband users with laptops, tablets and (increasingly) smartphones.

What technologies and innovations do we expect to see in the RAN to support this new era of growth, as M2M applications increase?

  • Assessing The Needs of "Non-Mobile" M2M Applications

    • Coverage, Sensitivity, Does it Need To Be Always-On?

  • Can Technology Innovation Extend The Life of Legacy Networks?

Considering M2M Network Needs and Challenges - Reducing the Transmission Overhead, Improving the Radio Link Reliability and Extending Coverage, Enhancing Signal Quality Over Access Channels

  • Transmission Efficiency of Communication Networks

  • Reverse Link Transmission Efficiency

  • Enhanced Access Channel

  • Lower Minimum Transmission Rates


Delivering 15 Billion Intelligent Connections by 2015

Director Global Accounts, Telecom



M2M Lifecycle Management


Director Product Management

Gisecke & Devrient


Optimizing and Verifying the M2M Communication System Performance

Director Product Marketing



A Disruptive Wireless Technology Designed Especially for M2M using White Space Spectrum

VP Business Development


3.20 PM


Panel session, OEMs and Operators


The hosts will be asked to recap the extent to which the workshop has addressed their wish lists.


Should we consider the need for further Standards? 


What can be done to ensure standards based M2M Solutions?


What are the next steps?





Host, OEMs and Operators

  • Deutsche Telekom

  • Hutchison 3G

  • TeliaSonera

  • Telefonica

  • Alcatel Lucent

  • Ericsson

  • Nokia Siemens Networks

4:00 PM

TakeAways & Closing Remarks


4.30 PM



7:00 PM

Dinner (Dutch*)


* = in this context, Dutch is a term which means that each person will be responsible for their own dinner costs.

For those who desire to join us, we get together to enjoy good friends, good food, good wine and [really] bad jokes





Deadline for electronic version of handout materials: 

October 7, 2011



  • We do not permit the Press.

  • We do not permit Analysts.

  • We do not permit Consultants.

  • We do not permit 3rd party sales reps.

We only permit "first hand knowledge experts" in business and technology issues, prepared to contribute to the discussion.



ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members and Attendees will be asked to cover out of pocket workshop costs such as conference room costs, food (Social Reception plus First Day breakfast/lunch/dinner plus Second Day breakfast/lunch plus 4 Breaks), presentation materials, audio/visual costs, etc.


We estimate that these costs will be SEK 6390 per person. (For IWPC Members, only.)


ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members and Attendees will be asked to pay this fee in advance with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, personal check or business check.


Make checks payable to IWPC.



Elite Hotel Marina Tower
Saltsjöqvarns Kaj 25
131 71 Nacka

Stockholm, Sweden
Tel +46-08-555 702 00
[email protected], +46 771-788 789      



Please contact the hotel directly for reservations. Mention the IWPC room block rate of SEK1425. single occupancy.


Cut-off date for reservations Monday, October 3rd. After that date rooms cannot be guaranteed at the IWPC rate.


TRAVEL OPTIONS FROM AIRPORT TO HOTEL:  The hotel is only 40 KM from Arlanda Airport.  For transportation details:  Click Here




A Computer Projector will be available for the speakers.

In addition, we audiotape all presentations and the interactive discussions. Post workshop, presentations are made available to IWPC Members on the IWPC WEB site, along with “movies” of all presentations and panel sessions.



Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.



Business casual suggested. No ties, please !!



IWPC prepares a USB Memory Stick with ALL presentation materials delivered to the IWPC on or before the deadline.


For ALL IWPC members:

All IWPC members are invited to submit a maximum of 4 pages of materials to include in this memory stick. These pages should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

For all companies who will be making a presentation at the Workshop:

You are invited to submit an advance copy of your presentation, complete with graphics and illustrations.

These materials included in the IWPC Web site.

Please submit these materials either by email, as a Word for Windows file, Power Point files or PDF files.


Please use this FREE FTP site to send electronic materials (any size file):




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