Exploring 5G Vertical Market Drivers

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Whatever Happened to Ultra-Reliable Low Latency 5G? Considering drivers for vertical markets, private and campus networks, network slicing and use-cases including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and emergency services..
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Time Exploring 5G Vertical Market Drivers Speaker
08:00  EDT
14:00  CET
Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks

08:10  EDT
14:10  CET
Host Keynote

Chief Innovation Architect, Vodafone Germany

08:50  EDT
14:40  CET
Host Panel & Q&A

Chief Innovation Architect, Vodafone Germany

09:00  EDT
15:00  CET
Vertical Market Perspectives

Director, Industry Engagements & Research




Critical LTE / 5G / IOT
Enterprise Technical Architect



Head of Emerging Technology



Critical IoT Connectivity for Time-Critical Communications
Systems Manager

10:00  EDT
16:00  CET
Panel Discussion

Director, Industry Engagements & Research

Enterprise Technical Architect



Head of Emerging Technology





Systems Manager






Product Planner






10:20  EDT
16:20  CET
Short Break


10:30  EDT
16:30  CET
Vertical Market Perspectives, continued

5G + Connected Laptops and Smartphones in Enterprise


Senior Director, Technology



IoT Test Challenges in the Context of 5G and Private Networks
Technology Manager Wireless




Testing challenges for Network Slicing
Head of Global Market Technology


11:30  EDT
17:30  CET
Start-up Quick Fire

Digital Surgery
Head of Product, Proximie and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow



Smart Manufacturing



Connected Agriculture


11:50  EDT
17:50  CET
Key Take-Aways, Actions and Followups
Host, Speakers, Panelists and Attendees
12:00  EDT
18:00  CET
Time Auditorium at 12th Rooms at 10th
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08:45 AM Welcome Remarks

Andrew Garcia

09:00 AM Optimizing the Speed of your WordPress site

Omkar Bhagat

Not Just Another Typical WordPress Site

James Lee S. Tabao

10:00 AM Progressive Web Apps, the future of Web Apps

Devlin Duldulao

Building Your Personal Brand

Ros Juan

12:00 PM Lunch
01:45 PM Your Search Presence: There’s More to SEO than HTML

Renee Campanilla

03:45 PM Start a meetup in your city

Mayo Moriyama

05:00 PM Optimizing the Speed of your WordPress site

Omkar Bhagat

Not Just Another Typical WordPress Site

James Lee S. Tabao

07:00 PM Afterparty


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