Small Cell Deployment
& HetNet Operations

Integrating and Managing Internal and External Small Cells,
Wi-Fi and DAS within a Heterogeneous Network

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November 4-7, 2014


Atlanta Marriott
Perimeter Center

Atlanta, GA USA



Limited to 100 seats

First Registered, First Served!

Attendance open to Infrastructure Thrust, mmWave Thrust or Full IWPC Members


As the global operator community roll-out small cells to meet growing capacity demands, we review the progress which has been made and explore innovation which will help the next wave of small cell deployments meet service provider needs. Considering hardware optimization, service assurance and reliability, we will debate successes, challenges and management of future heterogeneous networks.

Workshop Goals

  • Review 2013/14 small cell deployments from leading operators
  • Identify opportunities, challenges and any roadblocks to growth
  • Report IWPC Small Cell Working Group findings and recommendations for service assurance and hardware optimization


DAY 1 November 4


7:00 PM


Social and Networking

Registration and Reception



DAY 2 November 5


7:00 AM

Networking Breakfast and Continued Registration



8:00 AM

Opening Remarks and Self-Introductions

Each person will be asked to introduce him/herself and show how they can contribute to this process.



9:00 AM

Host Keynote Opening Remarks and Presentation

  • Review of Small Cell Deployment 2013-14
  • Outlook for 2014 and Beyond
  • Opportunities, Challenges and Requirements for Growth
  • Objectives for the Workshop

Optimal Outdoor Small Cell Deployment & Challenges

AVP New Technology Prod Dev. Engineering


AT&T is one of the largest providers of mobile services and the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the US

10:00 AM

Networking Break


10:40 AM

Carrier Perspectives

  • Review of Deployments
    • Internal
    • Microcell
  • Learnings from Indoor - Focus on Outdoor Challenges
  • Considering the Heterogeneous Environment (Macro, Small Cell, DAS and Wi-Fi)
    • Interface Challenges
    • Macro Ingress (Balancing Indoor and Outdoor Power Levels)
    • What is a Hybrid DAS/Small Cell System?
    • Combining Fiber and RF for Fronthaul
  • Carrier Aggregation Strategies for Small Cells
  • What is the Impact on Band Combinations for Small Cells?
  • Multi-Operator, Multi-Tenant Considerations

Small Cell Strategy and Trials Update

Director Radio Access Technology




With a global customer base of almost 100 million subscribers and consolidated revenues of US $9.2 billion in 2012, Ooredoo was voted BEST MOBILE OPERATOR OF THE YEAR 2013 by WPA, and has been the fastest growing telecom company since 2006.


11:20 AM

Small Cell Innovation and Deployment

  • Global Deployment
  • Indoor and Outdoor Case Studies
  • Addressing operational aspects of small cell deployment and how this will impact DAS and In-Building system evolution as well as legacy and future macro networks.
  • Optimization and Interference
  • Coverage Trade-Offs
  • Directional Back to Back (Back-Lobes)
  • Small Cells - What is the Impact of PIM?
  • Network Performance Issues

Small Cell Deployment Challenges and Considerations in Real World Hot Zones

Small Cell Sys. Architect



12:00 PM

Networking Lunch


1:00 PM

Small Cell Innovation and Deployment (Continued)

A Scalable Small Cell System as a Services Platform inside the Enterprise

Director, Enterprise


So You Want to Go Small? Practical Considerations for Adding Capacity in a Small Cell Network

Director/Metro Cell Solutions Development

Approaching 1000x Capacity with Hyper-Dense Small Cells Deployment

Staff Manager Technical Marketing


3:00 PM

Networking Break


3:30 PM

Environmental Protection

  • System considerations

  • Preventing Moisture Ingress

Laboratory Test vs. Actual Field Application

Applications Engineer


4:00 PM

Deployment Best Practices

  • Cabinet Footprint and Power Requirements
  • Installation and Placement Options
    • Strand Mounting
    • Wall Mounting
    • Ground Mounting Options on Right of Way
    • Existing Light Poles, etc.
    • New Poles
    • Stealth
    • Accessible Sites (Security)
    • Utilizing Light Poles (Access to Electric Power Companies Poles)
    • Practical Challenges - Can't Cover all Sides of Pole - Need on Side for Climber - Minimizing Footprint of Small Cell and Backhaul

Working Group Leadership:

Applications Engineer




4:40 PM

End of Day Panel

Carriers and OEMs

 directv ooredoo
softbank nokia

5:30 PM

Adjourn for Day


6:30 PM

Bus Leaves for Dinner (SunDial Restaurant)

Bus Transportation provided to and from hotel.

DAY 3 November 6


7:00 AM

Networking Breakfast



8:00 AM

Technology Enablers - Hardware Optimization

  • Considering the "Heterogeneous Small Cell"
  • PA Challenges, Opportunities and Trade-Offs
  • Envelope Tracking Opportunities
  • Considering Analog Envelope Pre-Distortion (APD)
  • Considering Adaptive Envelope Pre-Distortion (DPD)
  • Duplexer Considerations
  • DAS and Wi-Fi Integration Considerations
  • Innovation and Out-of-the-Box Thinking
  • Disruptive Techniques & Innovation

Anatomy of a Small Cell Design

Chief Technologist

Front End Signal Processing - Baseband and Transceiver Technologies

Equipment Segment Manager


Power Amplifier Technologies

Business Development Manager


Duplexer and Filter Technologies

Marketing & Business Development Engineer


Small-Cell Wi-Fi Functionality

Senior Manager Business Development



10:00 AM

Networking Break


10:30 AM

Technology Enablers - Hardware Optimization (continued)

  • Propogation Challenges
  • Antenna Characteristics
  • Antenna Placement
  • Omni-Antenna Issues
  • Sectorization

Small Cell Antenna Implementations

Senior Director, DAS and Small Cell



Principal RF Engineer



11:10 AM

Wireless Backhaul Innovation and Deployment

  • How can wireless backhaul ease siting and deployment challenges
  • Global Case Studies
  • Performance results
  • Exploring the future potential for high performance wireless backhaul


Optimized Outdoor Small-Cell Wireless Backhaul

CTO/VP Engineering


Innovation Makes NLOS Small Cell Backhaul a Predictable and Scalable Solution

VP Global Business Development



12:30 PM

Networking Lunch


1:30 PM


Reliability Versus Availability

  • Environment for consideration is Wireless Small Cell Backhaul in the Metro
  • Focus on Tools Needed as a Function of Advanced Network Services
  • The Backhaul Link Now has Highly integrated Silicon Solutions for Network tools and Services
  • Discussion Points Highlighting Reliability and Availability in the Following Contexts
    • OAM Tools
    • Port Protection Switching
    • MPLS Features
    • Security as a Reli9ability and Availability Concept
  • Proposal for a New KPI in the Backhaul Wireless Link

Backhaul Reliability and Availability--Focus on Network Services


2:10 PM

Backhaul Assurance

  • Alarm Definitions
  • Backhaul Assurance Challenges
  • Assurance Models for Backhaul
  • Active Testing
  • Passive Testing
  • NEM-based Data
  • Probe Data
  • Embedded Probe Data
  • Wired Backhaul - Broadband/Fiber-Ethernet over Copper
  • Powering the NTE - Carrier or Provider?
  • Point to Point, LOS, NLOS
  • Where is the Industry?
    • State of the Art and Roadmaps

Service Assurance Report

Marketing Director

2:50 PM

Testing Architectures and Strategies for HetNet Pre-Deployment

Test and Validation of HetNet SON

Senior Technical Product Manager


3:30 PM

Networking Break


4:00 PM

How Can SON Enable Highly Efficient Small Cell Deployment?

  • Considerations for SON in a Heterogeneous Network
  • Opportunities, Challenges and Threats
  • Addressing Small Cell OPEX

How Can SON Enable Highly Efficient Small Cell Deployments

Senior Systems Engineer

SON Experience & Case Study

Product line Manager for SON



5:00 PM

Closing Panel

  • What Have We Learned?
  • What Else Needs to be Done?
  • Next Steps

Host and Invited Carriers


AT&T directv
ooredoo softbank


5:40 PM

Takeaways and Closing Remarks


6:00 PM



7:15 PM

Dinner (Dutch*)
* = in this context, Dutch is a term which means that each person will be responsible for their own dinner costs.

For those who desire to join us, we get together to enjoy good friends, good food, good wine, and (really) bad jokes.

DAY 4 November 7

Friday 9 am-12 pm

Tour of Local Outdoor Small Cell Cluster Deployment

Limited capacity; first come, first served.

Transportation provided from/to hotel


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  6. What are the travel options from the airport to the hotel?
  7. Are there any audiovisual requirements?
  8. Will business cards be collected?
  9. What is the dress code?
  10. How will handout materials be provided?
  1. What is the deadline for presentation/handout materials?

    Deadline for electronic version of presentation/handout materials: Friday, October 24, 2014.

  2. What can I do to prepare for speaking an at IWPC workshop?

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  3. Who are the attendees?
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  4. What are the costs/registrations fees?

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  5. Hotel information?

    Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center
    246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE
    Atlanta, GA 30346
    +1 770-394-6500

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  8. Will business cards be collected?

    Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.

  9. What is the dress code?

    Business casual suggested. No ties, please!

  10. How will handout materials be provided?

    For ALL IWPC members:

    All IWPC members are invited to submit materials to be included in the online workshop folder in the IWPC Research Library. This should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

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