Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X) Connectivity

Exploring global opportunities, challenges and trade-offs for connectivity systems to address Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving use-cases.

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November 14-16, 2016


Doubletree by Hilton

San Jose, CA USA



Limited to 100 seats

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Attendance open to all IWPC Members


Over the past 10 years, IWPC has supported the automotive eco-system in bringing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to all vehicle models, harnessing global innovation and state of the art semiconductor techniques. As connectivity options begin to offer additional safety and service capabilities, this workshop will examine which technologies will be integrated on the road to autonomous driving and when – IEEE 802.11, 3GPP LTE, 5G?

Workshop Goals

  • Assess the present state and future trends in connectivity, active safety and highly automated driving technologies
  • Create an open forum for the global automotive connectivity community to discuss and debate advanced V2V, V2X opportunities, challenges, limitations and trade-offs
  • Develop mutual understanding and build community awareness across the global eco-system
  • Review state-of-the-art semiconductor, signal processing and technology development


November 14



7:00 PM

Evening reception - Sponsored by 

Registration at hotel

November 15


7:00 AM

Breakfast and Registration continues



8:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions



8:30 AM

Host Keynote Opening Remarks and Presentation

V2X: Ready for Primetime



10:00 AM

Networking Break


10:40 AM

Automotive OEM Perspectives

  • Where are we on the road to autonomous vehicles?
  • What is driving the connected car machine-to- machine (M2M) connections and services market?
    • growing concern for safety and security?
    • demand for infotainment services?
  • Exploring demand for advanced services
    • Fleet management
    • Tracking of shipping containers
    • Smart-city applications
    • Traffic congestion management and connected traffic signals
    • Smart parking
  • Will smartphones be an integral part of the OEMs offer?
  • Will leading car manufacturers launch models equipped with integrated connected head units?
  • What technologies will be integrated and when – IEEE 802.11, 3GPP LTE, 5G?
  • Can connectivity help reduce fatal car accidents significantly?
  • Will increased connected car usage benefit traffic congestion and smart parking initiatives?
  • How can services be integrated, based on increasing broadband penetration and the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)?
    • connected car solutions
    • connected health
    • connected home services
  • What will this new and evolving ecosystem look like?

Comparing Performance of V2V over LTE with V2V over DSRC


Senior Researcher




12:00 Noon

Networking Lunch


1:00 PM

Service Provider Perspectives

  • Recent research indicates that vehicles are getting connected to cellular networks faster than anything else
  • according to statistics for Q2, 2016, about 1.4 million cars got connected to cellular networks in the quarter, compared with 1.2 million phones and less than 900,000 tablets
  • What is driving the connected car machine-to- machine (M2M) connections and services market?
  • Leveraging licensed Connectivity - What part will cellular services play in the automotive sector?
  • The route from today’s telemetry service towards 5G world
  • Technology drivers for Vehicle to Vehicle, Pedestrian and Infrastructure
  • Regional opportunities, challenges and drivers

The Role of Next Generation Communications Technologies in Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control


Head of Products, Trio Telemetrics




LTE V2X: the Opportunities and Challenges in the China Market


Product Manager




Working Together: How Automakers and Telecoms Can Collaborate to Hold Ground


Senior Technologist



3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:40 PM

Connectivity Vendor Perspectives
  • Inside DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications)
  • Technology status
  • Regulatory drivers and global influencers
    • North America, Europe, Asia
  • Innovation and system evolution
  • How is system performance, Interoperability and validation assured?
  • What will drive global adoption and scale?

DSRC, Cellular and Hybrid Considerations - Do self-driving cars help?






Why V2X is Important for the Self Driving Vehicles




5:00 PM


End of Day Panel

  • Learnings and outcomes for the day and actions and guidance for day 3


Host and invited Auto OEMs and Carriers



5:45 PM

Adjourn for Day


7:30 PM

Networking Dinner - Scott's Seafood

bus to depart from hotel 7:00 pm

November 16

7:00 AM



8:00 AM

What will the future of the Automotive Industry Bring?

Using the Vehicle as a non-Transportation Resource

Research Fellow


8:40 AM

Connectivity Vendor Perspectives (continued)

  • Real World Deployments and Learnings
  • Use-cases and trials
  • Will increased smartphone penetration contribute to the adoption of connected vehicles or reduce the need for integrated systems?
  • Are cellular systems complimentary of competitive?
  • How can the industry ensure harmonization of V2V communication standards world-wide
  • The route to connected and highly automated driving for LTE towards 5G
  • Addressing DSRC and 3GPP D2D Co-existence

Leading the World to 5G: Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) Technologies


Director, Technical Standards




Connected Auto Life with Cellular V2X


Manager V2X Research & Standards



10:00 AM

Networking Break

10:40 AM

Connectivity Vendor Perspectives

 Delivering effective V2V solutions


Director, Automotive Business Development


11:20 AM

Regulator Perspectives

  • Regulatory and global spectrum status and outlook
  • Global status and drivers
  • Spectrum Sharing
  • Opportunities, challenges, trade-offs and risks
  • IEEE 802.11 (11p) spectrum compatibility studies performed
  • Future ITS applications (e.g. truck platooning and autonomous driving) as well as Urban rail (metro) applications
  • 3GPP activities (TD-LTE as L2X/LTE-V)
  • 5 GHz mandate RLAN frequencies in Europe and WRC
  • Car-2-Car Consortia position

European Regulatory Position (in CEPT)


Manager, Spectrum Management



  • DOT

12:00 Noon

Networking Lunch


1:00 PM

Connectivity Vendor Perspectives

  • What impact will development and use of secured cloud technologies for real-time information in connected verhicles have?
  • Securing connectivity systems
  • Considering Connectivity, Security, Data, and Infrastructure as essential to the success of highly automated driving systems
  • What should we be doing now to prepare?
  • How can the chaning role of the relationship between OEM's, Public Sector Infrastructure owners, and the tech industry help accelerate the market adoption?

Connectivity, Security, Data, and Infrastructure:  Essential Elements for a Highly Automated Vehicle System


Global Transportation Executive

1:30 PM

Technology Enablers

  • Assessing the opportunities and risks
  • Impact and outlook for big data
  • Who are the key innovators within the automotive and connectivity eco-systems?
  • Game-changers for connected vehicles and highly automated driving
  • Considering V2I/V2N applications e.g. category II (Road side alert) and category III (probe data management)
  • Exploring ITS infrastructure business models, deployment, security, resources and coverage optimization
  • Harmonizing unharmonized standards
  • Can cellular infrastructure e.g. LTE-V2X and 5G in tandem with DSRC help mitigate infrastructure deployment challenges?
  • Exploring 5Gs aims to support ultra-reliable and enhanced mobile broadband communication
  • Can high data rates, very reliable communication and extremely low latency be achieved by interworking 5G and DSRC?

5G - A Candidate Technology Enabler for ITS Infrastructure Deployment

Principal Engineer











2:00 PM

Validation and System Assurance

Simulation for the Design of Automotive V2V Technology


Technical Area Director



Simulation trends/needs for V2X Systems


Director, Global Automotive Initiative Manager




V2X DSRC Testing and Test Solutions


Senior Technologist - Automotive


3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:30 PM

Validation and System Assurance(continued)

  • What have we learnt from interoperability and performance tests of 802.11p devices ?
  • 3GPP standardization and performance metrics for LTE-A D2D
  • V2X test solution for 802.11p and approaches for LTE-V2X testing



Testing Challenges for V2X Communication in Ad-hoc and Cellular Networks


Technology Manager, Automotive




Wireless Performance Measurements for the Automotive Industry


Vice President of Business Development




Real World V2X Module Test in the Lab


Strategic Planner


4:30 PM

Closing Panel

  • Learnings key take-aways and outcomes

Host and invited Service Providers, OEMs and Technology Enablers


5:15 PM

Meeting Adjourn


7:00 PM

Co-Located Workshop:


What Role Will mmWave Technologies Play in 5G?

Exploring new and emerging use-cases, trials, opportunities, challenges and technology Innovation


Reception and Registration

  • November 16-18

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  1. What is the deadline for presentation/handout materials?

    Deadline for electronic version of presentation/handout materials: Friday, November 4th, 2016.

  2. What can I do to prepare for speaking an at IWPC workshop?

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  8. Will business cards be collected?

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  9. What is the dress code?

    Business casual suggested. No ties, please!

  10. How will handout materials be provided?

    For ALL IWPC members:

    All IWPC members are invited to submit materials to be included in the online workshop folder in the IWPC Research Library. This should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

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