5G Trial Results and Deployment - Lessons Learned

Considering Global 5G Trials
Where are we now and what needs to be done next?

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October 15-16, 2018


Omni Austin Southpark

Austin, TX USA



Limited to 100 seats

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Attendance open to all IWPC Members


As the industry moves into the 4th quarter of 2018, this workshop enables IWPC members to assess learnings from global trials and deployments of 5G New Radio and mmWave and explore new use-case opportunities, as well as challenges and any major issues which need to be addressed going forward. We also consider priorities for 2019 and the next wave of innovation towards the transmission from 4G to 5G

Workshop Goals

  • Where is 5G on the maturity scale from test bed, through closed and commercial trials to full deployment?
  • How have test beds and trials performed against technology claims?
  • What have we learned since 5G NR Stand-Alone and Non-Stand-Alone architectures were agreed (opportunities, challenges, roadblocks to mass deployment)?
  • What does the industry need to do to meet the evolving needs for 5G going forward?
  • How does the industry prioritize development efforts to ensure sustainable success for 5G



October 15


7:00 PM

Networking Reception with 5G Trials Attendees

At Hotel

October 16


7:00 AM


8:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions



Keynote - 5G Trial Results

  • 5G NR deployment challenges and lesson learned
  • 5G trial test environment setup and KPI measurement
  • Challenges and performance of 5G trials
  • Experimental results from early test beds
  • Radio performance findings

Keynote Presentation


AVP Radio Technology and Strategy


10:00 AM

Networking Break


10:40 AM

Service Provider Perspectives

  • Trials for <6GHz and mmWave mobile use cases
  • 5G Trial capacity and coverage related information
  • Massive-MIMO
  • 5G Trial focus – Mobility or Fixed Wireless Access?
  • Challenges and any surprises during the trials?
  • Network slicing and 5G network operations
  • Key Learning from mmWave Field Trials
  • Impairment Loss Challenges
  • Field Test mmWave Performance
  • mmWave Propagation
  • Future Plans

Progress of 5G trial in China


Mobile & Wireless Engineer




5G mmWave Challenges and Opportunities


Manager., System Architecture


12:00 Noon

Networking Lunch


1:00 PM

Service Provider / Vendor Perspectives

  • Lessons learned from 5G deployments and network architecture
  • Trial deployment results and best practices
  • 4G / 5G Interworking
  • Deployment scenarios
  • How were base station locations selected?
  • Propagation challenges in urban areas, including effects of multi-path
  • Wireless performance results
  • Coverage and throughput performance results
  • Specifics of key issues in FR2 indoor-outdoor problems, mobility, link-management
  • Specifics of key issues regarding FR1 DC and CA in 5G—especially management of the UL signals
  • Trials examining density and multiple cells in complex MIMO situations (e.g. ICI, pilot contamination, SINR issues)
  • Massive MIMO results, beam forming results, EPC evolution for 5G, 5R mobile Front Haul
  • Interference cancellation in 5G networks
  • Improving spectrum efficiency by reducing and exploiting interference in dense networks to enable 5G
  • Mitigation of Interference
  • Standards progress and interoperability with vendors
  • Data results relative to previous expectations for performance
  • What kind of issues have been discovered in trials?
  • Planned services and applications
  • LTE/5G mobility challenges, opportunities and roadblocks
  • Multi-beam and beamforming technologies
  • Test results, deployment strategies
  • Anticipated rollout of NR schemes and associated business drivers
  • Assessment of CapEx for Stand Alone vs. Non-SA
  • 5G NR Trials and Deployments @ sub 6 GHz
  • Fiber Front haul and Backhaul solutions needed for deployment
  • C-RAN and Microwave solutions
  • Implications on the physical layer, especially the RF Front End and the air interface
  • 5G deployment plans globally
  • Equipment design
  • Exploring types of trials (which technologies are involved, what is the trial focus, what is the experience in building them)

5G in Latin America


Strategic Business Developer




Global 5G Trial Results


5G RAN Product Manager




Beamforming Impact on Time Dispersion – Measured Results


Senior Expert Multi Antenna Systems




3:00 PM

Networking Break


3:40 PM

Service Provider / Vendor Perspectives, continued

  • 5G Trials - Beside fixed access to the home, what do carriers see as the next deployment of LTE mmWave deployment, vehicles, other?
  • 60GHz Fixed Wireless Access, Facebook TIP
  • mmWave performance and its implication on smartphones
  • mmWave at 60GHz
  • mmWave propagation/throughput results in practical deployments - what is the experience from field trials?
  • Use Cases trials results, radiowave propagation in mmWave
  • 5G NR Trials and Deployments @ mmWave
  • Active Antenna and Radio results, performance, architecture and projections for mmWave bands
  • mmWave coverage, indoor coverage
  • mmWave (28 GHz) coverage concerns and mitigations
  • mmW blockage issues
  • Effect of dual polarization on field performance for mmWave
  • Stability of mmWave beam parameters vs time and methodological for beam calibration/calculation
  • Environmental effects on mmWave antenna performance
  • Maximum exposure limits
  • Link budget challenges
  • Is there a need for higher mmWave frequencies for additional bandwidths?
  • Backhaul/Fronthaul challenges
  • What is the carriers vision for Integrated Access and Backhaul
  • Comparing in-building penetration
  • The impact of walls and windows on unit economics and business case
  • Closing the business case for FWA and laying the foundation for ubiquitous 5G mobility
  • Active Antenna and Radio results, performance, architecture and projections
  • Air interface specifics and mobility
  • Performance management
  • Massive MIMO, and verifiable equipment that can be used for implementation

5G isn’t just NR


DMTS - Technology Strategist




Challenges of International 5G Trials at <6GHz and mmWave


VP Business Development




mmWave Active Antenna Industrialization: Enabling the Future for 5G Systems


Chief Systems Architect



RF Systems Engineer




Overcoming 5G Obstacles – In-Building Penetration at 28 GHz


Technical Product Manager


6:15 PM

Closing Panel and Discussion

Invited Carriers and OEMs

6:50 PM



7:00 PM

Evening Networking Reception with 4G/5G User Equipment Attendees

At Hotel


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  1. What is the deadline for presentation/handout materials?

    Deadline for electronic version of presentation/handout materials: Monday, October 8, 2018

  2. What can I do to prepare for speaking an at IWPC workshop?

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