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High Efficiency, High Linearity Semiconductor Devices for Basestation Power Amplifiers -- II

Devices and Packaging for Basestation RF Power Generation,  
Linearization and
Device Packaging


 Co-Hosted by: 







Kempinski Hotel Airport

Terminalstrasse Mitte 20
Munich, Germany  85356
Phone: 49-89-9782 3640
Fax: 49-89-9782 3613


December 11-12, 2006

Munich, Germany



Organized by the International Wireless Industry Consortium


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Moderated by
Don Brown, Director, IWPC
Rene Douville, Technical Director, IWPC


An IWPC workshop was held in November 2005 to discuss semiconductor devices for basestation power amplifiers.  This workshop is a sequel to that one.

Semiconductors and the semiconductor packaging are the key and limiting elements in basestation power amplifiers. This workshop will focus on these to address how they are evolving to meet the stringent demands being imposed both by the need for higher efficiency and powers, but also for use in mast head located radios.  

Alternative semiconductors are challenging the traditional hold of LDMOS for basestation power amplifiers.  How competitive are they and what can we expect in future?  What roles will linearization and advanced thermal management schemes play in the evolution of the competition?


The goals of this Technology Exchange Forum are:

  • For the power amplifier developers to get a better understanding of the future developments in semiconductors to meet the emerging needs of the cellular basestation industry in terms of power, linearity, efficiency, reliability, bandwidth and cost.

  • For the Operators and OEM cellular system suppliers and network integrators to get a better understanding of what performance might be anticipated and what demands on the system might be expected from power amplifier developers and what the implications of these requirements will be on the semiconductor sector.

  • For the semiconductor suppliers to better understand the needs of the power amplifier companies and operator constraints, how these needs are evolving and to communicate the capabilities and limitations of their technologies.

  • For the supply chain to better understand the key technology and procurement needs for future 3G+ basestation power amplifiers.

  • For the supply chain to share their current and key technologies, with special attention to packaging and thermal management.

Monday December 11, 2006


Social and Networking

Reception & Registration

At Kempinski Hotel

Tuesday December 12, 2006


Breakfast & Registration



Opening Remarks

Don Brown



Each person will be asked to introduce him/herself and share how they can contribute to this process


9:00 AM

Power Amplifier Suppliers 
and Basestation OEMs

  • What is required for new device technologies and which characteristics are considered most important?

    • Operating voltage

    • Efficiency and thermal

    • Backwards compatibility

    • Bandwidth potential

    • Standards

    • Failure modes

  • Are there new amplifier architectures for 3G and 4G? 

    • Main basestations

    • Tower mounted basestations

    • Distributed antenna networks

    • WiMAX vs. UMTS vs. ??

  • Is base station topology moving towards wide band MCPA’s or will digital predistortion precede a move towards narrow band power amplifiers?

  • How can improved efficiency be accomplished while maintaining a wide bandwidth?  What compromises might be tolerable?

  • What impact will there be on direct and implementation cost?

  • Do increasing energy costs mandate improved efficiency?

  • other?


Basestation OEMs and Power Amplifier suppliers present




Eyal Microwave


Linear Communications










10:00 AM  



10:30 AM

RF Power Semiconductor Device Suppliers

Power Amplifier Semiconductor Supplier Co-Host speakers will address the latest developments and achievements.

Speakers from manufacturers of the major device alternative semiconductor technologies:

  • GaAs
  • GaN
  • Others 

Topics they will address will include the specific characteristics and advantages/disadvantages of their options and how they are expected to evolve:

  • Performance

  • Efficiency

  • Linearity

  • Expected performance for classes of operation other than class AB and suitability for these

  • Consistency of performance and specifications

  • Maximum operating junction temperature and implications for reliability

  • Merits for tower mounting versus main cabinet or shelters

  • Merits for WiMAX and various frequency allocations.

  • Testing under dynamic signal conditions for e.g. HSDPA

  • Level of integration possible including ability to include higher functions such as RF control

  • Packaging Requirements

  • Thermal management issues

  • Reliability and degradation factors

  • Availability and manufacturability

  • Relative costs


Semiconductor Solutions for High Efficiency RF Power Amplifiers

Eric Toulouse

Product Manager

RF Division

Freescale Semiconductor

LDMOS in High Efficiency Linear PA Concepts for W-CDMA & WIMAX

John Gajadharsing

Principle Engineer/Concept Development

Basestations Strategy & Innovation

NXP Semiconductors

Pushing the Boundaries with
LD-MOS, Integration and Optimization for DPD

Paul Scsavnicki
Manager, Customer Applications



12:00 PM




RF Power Semiconductor Device Suppliers




An Overview of GaN HEMTs for Next Generation Basestation Applications - Shifting the Paradigm

Ray Pengelly

Manager, Wide Bandgap Business Development

Cree Wireless Devices

 High Efficiency, High Linearity Semiconductor Devices for Base Station Power Amplifiers 

Matthew Poulton

Director/Design Engineering

Infrastructure Product Line


NRF1 GaN-on-Silicon Technology Qualification, Reliability and Production Readiness for Wireless Infrastructure Applications

Kevin Linthicum

VP Engineering and CTO




2:30 PM

thermal management Options

  • Developments in thermal materials for PA packaging and assembly will be reviewed and expectations discussed. 



Facing Thermal Challenges-Metal Backed HF Materials

Dr. Albert Angstenberger

Technical Sales Manager

Advanced Dielectric Division



Ceramic Loaded PCB Materials: Thermal Impact on Design, Fabrication and Reliability

Arturo Aquayo

Manager, Market Development

Microwave Materials Division

Advanced Circuit Materials Group

Rogers Corporation


3:30 PM



4:00 PM


Where do the various technologies stand now and what does the future hold? 

Co-hosts PA device suppliers will be given the opportunity to clarify their needs, requirements and views and will engage in a panel session where the audience is invited to ask questions and panelists will be given the opportunity to ask each other and the audience questions.

The Co-hosts will be asked to recap the extent to which the workshop has addressed their wish lists.

  • Have we answered your questions? 

  • Do you now have better insight into the tradeoffs and values for the different options? 

  • What gaps do you see and what should be done to address these gaps? (Communications and Technology) 

  • What can the IWPC do to help move this process forward?



All Co-Hosts

  • Cree

  • Freescale

  • HVVI

  • Infineon

  • Mimix Broadband

  • Nitronex

  • NXP

  • RFMD

  • TriQuint 


5:00 PM






7:00 PM

Social and Networking 

Reception & Registration


Workshop on

Reconfigurable Radios for
Versatile Basestations

At Hotel


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Workshop on


Reconfigurable Radios for
Versatile Basestations

Power Amplifiers, Transceivers, Antennas 

(Click here for agenda and registration) 




Deadline for electronic version of handout materials:

December 1, 2006



ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members and Attendees will be asked to cover out of pocket workshop costs such as conference room costs, food (Social Reception plus One Day breakfast/lunch/2 Breaks), booklet copying, audio/visual costs, etc.


We estimate that these costs will be $595. USD per person. (For IWPC Members, only.)

ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members and Attendees will be asked to pay this fee in advance with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, personal check or business check.

Make checks payable to IWPC.



Kempinski Hotel Airport

Terminalstrasse Mitte 20
Munich, Germany  85356
Phone: 49-89-9782 3640
Fax: 49-89-9782 3613



Please contact the hotel directly for room reservations.  Mention the IWPC room block rate of 188,00 Euros.


Cut-off date for reservations is Monday, November 27, 2006.  After that date rooms cannot be guaranteed at the IWPC rate.



A Computer Projector will be available for the speakers. 


 In addition, we audiotape all presentations and the interactive discussions.  Post workshop, presentations are made available to IWPC Members on the IWPC WEB site, along with “movies” of all presentations and panel sessions.



Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.



Business casual suggested.   No ties, please !!



IWPC prepares a handout binder with ALL presentation materials delivered to the IWPC on or before the deadline.


For ALL IWPC members:

All IWPC members are invited to submit a maximum of 4 pages of materials to include in this handout binder. These pages should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

For all companies who will be making a presentation at the Workshop:

You are invited to submit an advance copy of your presentation, complete with graphics and illustrations.

These materials will be copied and handed out at the workshop and included in the IWPC Web site.

Please submit these materials either by email, as a Word for Windows file, Power Point files or PDF files.


Please send electronic materials (any size file) to:

[email protected]


or use one of these FREE FTP Sites
IF your email system cannot send large files: 




and email to [email protected]


or by snail mail to:


600 Louis Drive, Suite 104

Warminster, PA 18974    USA


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