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Smartphone/Tablet Design
for Field Return Prevention –

The $6+ Billion Challenge/Opportunity

Addressing Software Validation, Over-The-Air Solutions and

Hardware Platform Quality: RF, Connectors

October 26-28th, 2011

Hosted by:

Novotel London West
One Shortlands
London W6 8DR

Telephone: +44 (0)208 741 1555
Fax: +44 (0)208 741 2120
[email protected]

Confirmed Carriers
Confirmed Speakers or Panel Members



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Moderated by:
Don Brown, Director, IWPC

Graham Carter, Technical Director, IWPC


Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011

7:00 PM


Social and Networking
Reception & Registration


At Hotel

Thursday, October 27, 2011

7:00 AM


Breakfast & Registration



8:00 AM


Opening Remarks



8.30 AM


Self Introductions


Each person will be asked to introduce him/herself and share how they can contribute to this process

9.00 AM

Keynote presentation

  • Quality Objectives - Understanding The Issues

  • Questions Which May Lead To Paradoxes Of Quality Costs vs Business in Current Ecosystem From Production To Repair.

  • Exploring Standards Based Approaches To Limit Cost : Measure, Correction, Prevention, Anticipation

  • Considering The Return Prevention Toolbox - Focus on Device Management

  • Key Goals of Workshop


In Search of An Ideal Quality Ecosystem To Match Market Trends

Director Device Quality & Process



10.00 AM


Networking Break



10.30 AM

Handset Quality and Field Returns Working Group Activities – IWPC

  • Mapping The Field Returns Process (consumer, operator, OEM, Suppliers, etc.)

  • Identifying Costs from Different Touch Points (stores, contact center, logistics, repair, etc.)

  • Understanding Top Contributors and Costs for Software, Hardware and No Fault Found returns

  • Benchmarking With Other Industries/Markets (varies by country, markets)

  • Definition of Terms/Fault Codes – what is a software failure, no fault found failure, hardware failure, etc.

IWPC Handset Quality Working Group Field Returns Management – Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Chair, IWPC Handset Quality Working Group

Product Manager



IWPC Survey Results - Mobile Device Field Returns

Working Group Leadership

Carrier IQ - Survey Lead


IWPC Handset Quality and Field Returns Working Group - Report

VP/Wireless Product Solutions (retired)




IWPC Working Group Leadership

  • Cellebrite

  • Flextronics

  • FT-Orange

  • Jabil

  • Nokia - Chair

  • RIM

  • Telus

  • T-Mobile

  • Verizon Wireless

  • Vodafone

  • W2BI


12:00 PM

mobile carrier perspectives

  • How to improve the out-of-box experience

    • Demonstrating device capability and functionality

    • Can pre-loading a user profile reduce end-user frustration and returns

    • Retail demonstration and training

  • How does the Field Returns process work?

    • Impact and Opportunities posed by Social media (YouTube, Twitter, Etc.)

  • Understanding the impact of growth in data centric devices

  • Assessing different operator/vendor approaches

  • Remote Diagnostics and Updates - Internet/PC based and Over-The-Air

  • Exploring costs from the different touch points (stores, contact center, logistics, repair, etc.)

  • How do we identify top contributors and costs for Software, Hardware and No Fault Found (NFF)

  • Assessing The Impact of Failures and NFF returns (cost and brand)

Mobile Device Platform Needs

Group Strategy and Architecture

Deutsche Telekom



12.30 PM





1.30 PM

OEM Experience & Opportunities

  • Balance of time-to-market vs Time-to-Quality

  • Total Cost of Ownership

  • Providing a Quality Product

  • Managing Software Stability

  • Evolving Device Management Tools

  • Assessing Failures and Impact on Market

  • Predicting Device Failure Rates

  • Addressing Route Causes – Reactive Processes

  • Over-The-Air Diagnostics and Maintenance

  • The Case For Pro-active Maintenance

  • Thermal management

  • Testing Tools

    • Opportunities and Challenges

    • Engaging and Mobilizing the Eco-System

    • Leveraging Existing Test and Validation Groups


Software Updates - Success Through Collaboration

Product Manager



Principals and Tools for Field Failure Reduction

Senior Director/Carrier Quality



Driving Field Lessons Learned into the Supply Chain

Director of Quality


3:00 PM


Networking Break


Sponsored by:







3:40 PM

exploring the software Ecosystem's Role

& Opportunities for Enhanced Quality

  • Addressing Software Complexity and Challenges

  • Identifying New Approaches and Solutions

  • Deploying Updates and Fixes Painlessly

  • Malware Detection and Protection

  • Software stability complexity and challenges

Improving Software Quality with Gate-Based vs Traditional-Level-Based Testing

Group Program Manager, OEM Mobile Engineering



Testing Strategies on the Android Platform

Executive Director



Carrier Point-of-Sale Case Study

Head of Mobile Application Segment



5.10 PM

panel session

Carriers & OEMs


Quality Of Experience - The Next Frontier For Quality

  • QoE deals with quality of user experience as perceived by the user

  • How does it relate to the QoS which is measured by the provider

  • How can a subjective measurement of the quality of experience be measured?

  • What can carriers, OEM (handset designers) and content providers (apps) in order to improve it

  • Addressing the end-to-end Challenge

  • Taking an holistic view

  • Quality Equals the Sum of all Parts

  • Exploring Opportunities for Innovation and Collaboration




  • Deutsche Telekom

  • FT-Orange

  • Telefonica UK Ltd.

  • Nokia

  • RIM


5:50 PM


Adjourn for Day



6:45 PM

Bus leaves for:


Dinner - Belvedere in

Holland Park

Bus Transportation provided to and from hotel.

Friday, October 28, 2011

7:00 AM





8:00 AM

Manufacturing & Reverse logistics

Experience and Opportunities


  • Managing The End-to-End Process

  • Addressing Complexity and Challenges (Smartphone, tablet, touch screen, etc.)

  • Identifying New Approaches and Solutions

  • Identifying Opportunities for Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Providing quality repair in time and limitation

  • Assessing Repair Center performance

  • Carrier Relationships and Reporting

  • OEM Relationships and Reporting


Reliability Challenge and Opportunities

VP Supply Chain Solutions



Test Tools for The Customer Environment

Principal RF/Microwave Engineer

Jabil Circuit



B2X Front End Solution for Shops and Consumers

Vice President, Corporate Development
B2X Care

9.30 AM

Testing Methodology

Opportunities for Enhanced Quality and customer satisfaction

  • Addressing Software Validation and Hardware Quality

  • Does Performance Meet Customer Expectations

  • Considering Breadth of GCF Test Cases

Test Methodologies To Improve Customer Experience And Acceptance

Wireless Business Development Manager
Spirent Communications

10.00 AM


Networking Break


Sponsored by:





10:40 AM

exploring the hardware Ecosystem's Role

& Opportunities for Enhanced Quality

  • Identifying Opportunities for Continuous Hardware Quality Improvement

  • RF Performance

  • Mechanical Elements (Movement Sensors, etc.)

  • Power Elements (batteries, chargers, connectors, cables, etc.)

  • Display (Materials, Connectors, etc.)

  • System Components (Application Processor, Baseband Processor, RF, etc.)

  • HW platform compatibility with OS update. (manufacturer)

  • Thermal Management

The Case to Prevent Water Damage

Product Engineering

WL Gore


Connector Design Trends vs. Field Return Prevention

Dir., Application Engineering & Technology


11:40 AM





12.40 PM

Failure detection

Opportunities for Enhanced Quality and customer satisfaction

  • Predicting device Failure Rates

  • Assessing current rates and impacts

  • Route causes

  • Reactive processes

  • The case for Pro-active maintenance

  • Over The Air Diagnosis and Maintenance

  • Pro-active Maintenance

  • Ensuring SW updates and fixes are deployed painlessly

  • Malware detection

How Mobile Intelligence Reduces Device Field Returns




LTE Device & Application Test Automation

VP, Global Sales



Improving Customer Satisfaction and Cutting Costs by Reducing No Trouble Found Returns

Sr. Mgr./Business Development



2.10 PM

closing Panel


  • Providing a feedback loop into the design process
  • Considering design for repair
  • Next Steps




  • FT-Orange

  • Telefonica UK Ltd.

  • Nokia

  • RIM

3.00 PM


TakeAways & Closing Remarks



3.30 PM


Adjourn for Day 




Deadline for electronic version of handout materials: 

Friday, October 7, 2011



  • We do not permit the Press.

  • We do not permit Analysts.

  • We do not permit Consultants.

  • We do not permit 3rd party sales reps.

We only permit "first hand knowledge experts" in business and technology issues, prepared to contribute to the discussion.



ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members and Attendees will be asked to cover out of pocket workshop costs such as conference room costs, food (Social Reception plus First Day breakfast/lunch/dinner plus Second Day breakfast/lunch plus 4 Breaks), presentation materials, audio/visual costs, etc.


We estimate that these costs will be £495 per person. (For IWPC Members, only.)


ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members and Attendees will be asked to pay this fee in advance with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, personal check or business check.


Make checks payable to IWPC.



Novotel London West
One Shortlands
London W6 8DR

Telephone: +44 (0)208 741 1555
Fax: +44 (0)208 741 2120
[email protected]


Please contact the hotel directly for reservations. Mention the IWPC room block rate of 165 Pounds Sterling single occupancy.


Cut-off date for reservations is September 12, 2011 . After that date rooms cannot be guaranteed at the IWPC rate.


TRAVEL OPTIONS FROM AIRPORT TO HOTEL: The Hotel is 12 miles from Heathrow Airport





A Computer Projector will be available for the speakers.

In addition, we audiotape all presentations and the interactive discussions. Post workshop, presentations are made available to IWPC Members on the IWPC WEB site, along with “movies” of all presentations and panel sessions.



Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.



Business casual suggested. No ties, please !!



IWPC prepares a USB memory stick with ALL presentation materials delivered to the IWPC on or before the deadline.


For ALL IWPC members:

All IWPC members are invited to submit a maximum of 4 pages of materials to include in this memory stick. These pages should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

For all companies who will be making a presentation at the Workshop:

You are invited to submit an advance copy of your presentation, complete with graphics and illustrations.

These materials will be handed out at the workshop and included in the IWPC Web site.

Please submit these materials either by email, as a Word for Windows file, Power Point files or PDF files.


Please use this FREE FTP site to send electronic materials (any size file):




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