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Upgradeable Basestations 
and 2G/3G Transition

Architecture and Components for "Future Proofing" Basestations 
for 2.5G and Beyond
Tour of O2 Network Operations Centre 
Integration Test Facilities

 Hosted by: 

London, UK

November 4-7, 2003  

Slough/Windsor Marriott Hotel
Ditton Road, Langley
Slough, SL3 8PT
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 44 0870-4007244
Fax: 44 0870-4007344




Organized by the International Wireless Packaging Consortium


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Moderated by
Don Brown, Director, IWPC
Rene Douville, Technical Director, IWPC


Workshop Background


The worldwide demand for cost effective mobile wireless voice AND data infrastructure with increasing bandwidth continues to grow. However, the complexity of responding to ever changing needs and technological advances with diverse standards and frequencies of operation is becoming increasingly difficult while still maintaining cost effectiveness.


The roll out of 2G cellular networks is essentially complete.  As service providers move to deploy 3G networks and beyond as well as WLAN systems, they are looking to ensure maximum reuse of existing facility and to "future proof" their networks i.e. design with flexibility to accommodate anticipated as well as even unforeseen capabilities as they emerge.  This implies flexibilities in both frequency and air interface architectures.


There is thus a need for developers to offer more universal or flexible base station solutions, with the ability to be adapted or upgraded at minimal cost with minimum change of hardware or simple software modifications.  This implies use of techniques such as Software Defined Radio or implementations of multi-band, multi-standard RF equipment for the base station front end as well as natural interfaces to WLAN systems.  It also will demand increasing backhaul capacity at low cost.


If your business is anywhere in the supply chain for future infrastructure equipment, you MUST actively participate in this unique IWPC Interactive Technical Workshop.


Workshop Goal


The GOAL of this workshop, the sixth in a series, is to bring together senior leaders from THE ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN to facilitate and stimulate breakthrough thinking on emerging technologies and manufacturing methods which, when coupled with market needs and timings, and key system cost drivers, can substantially drive down the cost of the RF hardware associated with future base stations capable of multi-mode, multi-standard operation and capable of being adapted to changing needs. 


In short, the goal of this workshop is to create an open, interactive environment, where the entire supply chain can communicate, network, share technology requirements and capabilities, and achieve mutually desired goals.


Tuesday, November 4

7:00 PM

Social and Networking 

Reception & Registration

At the Slough/Windsor Marriott Hotel

Wednesday, November 5

7:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration


8:00 AM

Opening Remarks


8:15 AM  


Each person will be asked to introduce him/herself and share how they can contribute to this process


9:00 AM

Keynote Presentation


Current status of networks and plans for 3G rollout, interoperability, and forward interworking with WLAN systems

  • Markets and timing

  • Economics- CAPEX vs OPEX

  • Performance Requirements- Now and future

  • Reliability and Maintenance


The 3G Infrastructure Challenge

Dave Williams





10:00 AM



10:30 AM


  • Market and Technology views 

  • Current and future needs of base stations

  • When would service operators expect to phase-in upgrades and transitions to 3G?

  • Perspectives on upgradeability - eg GSM - GPRS - EDGE -WCDMA- HSDPA,  etc.

  • Can future basestations be “future- proofed”?

  • 2G/3G transitional issues - sharing and building on existing infrastructure

  • What will be the role for Software Defined Radio and how will regulations have to be changed?

  • Differences between North American and European transition issues 

  • Modular constructions and Interchangeability of OEM subsystems-Could this make sense?

  • What are the service providers views/concerns with the OBSAI and CPRI objectives?

  • Are  Tower Mounted Electronics acceptable yet?  If not, why not?

  • Will there be a role for neutral hosts and tower operators?

  • What will be the role and impact of Wi-Fi services?



Reconfigurable Basestations and Overview of Regulatory Issues Arising from Use of SDR-- A European Operator's Perspective

Stephen Hope

Senior Consultant Orange Innovation
Orange UK

11:00 AM 


The Network Operators and Service Providers will be given the opportunity to clarify their needs, requirements and views and will engage in a panel session where the audience is invited to ask questions and they will be given the opportunity to ask each other and the audience questions.


Previous Speakers and Additional Network Operators and Service Providers


  • O2
  • Orange UK
  • T-Mobile
  • Vodafone

12:00 PM



1:00 PM



Overview of OBSAI

Jukka Klemettila, 

OBSAI Chairperson



Overview of CPRI

Werner Korte 

Senior Vice President


1:40 PM


  • Can base station BTS/Node B architectures be designed to be “future-proof”?

  • What are the 2G/3G upgrade issues and technology solutions 

  • What are the objectives and the status of the OBSAI and CPRI?

  • What are the potential impacts on cost and performance?

  • What are the implications for the kinds of RF Hardware needed?

  • What will be the impact of Software Defined Radio techniques?

  • What transmission air interface solutions are appropriate? 

  • Tower Mounted Electronics reliable enough yet?  If not, why not?

  • What changes will be required for field operation, installation, maintenance and servicing?

  • Will the principals apply to Picocell, Microcell and Repeater Terminals?

  • What are the options for integrating WLAN (IEEE802) access?

  • What are the implications of systems for remote location of RF towers? 


3G Node B Evolution Towards HSDPA and Beyond

Bernd Haberland

Leader, Radio Protocols

Research and Innovation 
UMTS Design

Alcatel SEL AG


Intelligent Antennas and Capacity Enhancement Techniques for 3G Basestations

Adam Jahr

Senior Manager

UTRAN Product Mgmt

Lucent Technologies


SDR and Capacity Enhancement Techniques for Basestations

John Potocki

Senior Product Manager

Motorola - GTSS

Other OEMs Present

  • Samsung
  • Siemens


3:00 PM  



3:30 PM


Key Subsystems

  • Software Defined Radio systems 

  • Power Amplifiers

  • Smart Antennas

  • Tunable frontend subsystems

  • Superconducting Equipment

  • Broadband Wireless Access Systems

  • Systems for remote location of RF towers 

    • Radio over fibre technology 

    • Millimeterwave and free space optics



Parallel Processing for all-software Baseband Processing in Wireless Basestations"

Dr. Douglas Pulley

Chief Technical Officer

Picochip Designs Limited


Air Interface Optimization and Adaptation

Murat Eron

Sr. Product Manager
PowerWave Technologies


High Efficiency Power Amplifiers for 2.5/3G Basestations

Eric Hawthorn

Managing Director



4:30 PM


Previous Speakers 

5:30 PM



6:30 PM

Dinner and Entertainment

UK Style  

 Bus Transportation provided to and from hotel

Thursday, November 6

7:00 AM





8:30 AM


  • Subsystem Suppliers

  • Device technologies

  • Assembly technologies

  • Packaging technologies

  • Material options

  • Antennas

  • Testing and diagnostics

  • Shielding

  • Design Tools

  • Cabling and connectors

  • Environmental and lightning protection

  • Others


IWPC Members


The Impact of Modular Communications Platforms on the Radio Access Network

Scott Mordue

Technical Architect



Superconductor MicroElectronics for 2G and beyond Base Stations -- a quantum leap in performance

Jack Rosa

CEO, President & Vice Chairman



Semiconductor Technologies for Upgradeable/Flexible Basestations

Michael Long

Manager/Mktg-Wireless Infrastructure

Embedded DSP Division

Analog Devices


Multi-chip Component Integration for Wireless Infrastructure

Eric Higham

Business Development Manager

Tyco Electronics, M/A-COM



10:00 AM



10:30 AM



Switch Combiner Evolution - Next Generation Performance Available Today

Anthony Sweeney

Director of Engineering

Endwave Corporation


Base Station Frequency Band Conversion - A Retrofit from 850 MHz to 1900 MHz

Karl Hricko

Wireless Key Account Manager

Aeroflex/KDI Integrated Products


Reliability and Lightning Protection Overview for Tower Top Electronics

Art Peltier

Vice President, Engineering



12:00 PM



1:00 PM

Set Up Break Out Sessions Working Groups


Questions to be answered:


1.  What are the gaps in:

Technology ?

Communication ?


2.  What is needed from the supply chain to address these gaps ?


3.  What can IWPC do to assist ?


The group will interactively discuss and identify opportunities for future fruitful development.

We will break into small working groups and allow members to interact with like and no-so-like minded professionals.

The goal of this process is to clarify the needs and identify new opportunities for development.

Each working group will identify a leader and at the end, the leader will make a short presentation on the findings and conclusions of their group. 

2:00 PM

Breakout Sessions


4:00 PM 

Breakout Session Reports


Each Working Group Leader will make a 10 minute presentation to summarize the Wish List Items and Conclusions of his/her working group. 


Group will come together and have an interactive discussion to exchange and challenge ideas presented by working group leaders.


This process dramatically expands the thinking of the attendees.

5:00 PM

Take Aways & Closing Remarks

5:30 PM  


7:00 PM  

Dinner (Dutch) 

For those who desire to join us, we get together to enjoy good friends, good food, good wine and [really] bad jokes

Friday, November 7

9:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Tour of O2 Network Operations Centre 
Integration Test Facilities

Bus Transportation provided from and to hotel.




IWPC Interactive Technical Workshops, available to IWPC members only (2 persons per IWPC Member Company), unlike traditional conferences and workshops, are highly interactive and are attended by senior technology and business leaders who make a commitment to cooperate to forward advanced packaging technology.



Deadline for electronic version of handout materials:  Oct 24, 2003


ALL attendees AND pre-approved guests will be asked to cover out of pocket workshop costs such as food, entertainment, booklet copying, audio/visual costs, etc. 
We estimate that these costs will be approximately $495. (US) per person.
(final cost to be determined as we get closer to the actual workshop date)


Attendees AND pre-approved guests will be asked to pay this fee in advance with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, personal check or business check.


Make checks payable to IWPC.



Slough/Windsor Marriott Hotel
Ditton Road, Langley
Slough, SL3 8PT
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 44 0870-4007244
Fax: 44 0870-4007344


Please contact the hotel directly for reservations.  Mention the IWPC room block rate of 110. pounds.  Cut-off date for reservations is Monday, October 20, 2003.  After that date rooms cannot be guaranteed at the IWPC rate.



All projector formats will be available for the speakers.  

·         Computer projector  

·         Overhead projector  

In addition, we plan to audiotape all presentations and the interactive discussions. This tape will be transcribed and made available to all IWPC members.



Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.



Business casual suggested.    No ties, please !!




It is our intention to prepare a handout booklet. We propose its contents be as follows:

For ALL IWPC members:  


All IWPC members are invited to submit a maximum of 4 pages of materials to include in this handout booklet. These pages should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

For all companies who will be making a presentation at the Workshop:  


You are invited to submit an advance copy of your presentation, complete with graphics and illustrations.

This booklet will be copied and handed out at the workshop and included in the IWPC Web site.  

Please submit these materials either by email, as a Word for Windows file or Power Point files.  

Please send materials to:

[email protected]net


or by snail mail to:


610 Louis Drive, Suite 301

Warminster, PA  18974      USA



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