Proposed Statement of Work – Draft 1  (August, 2004)


Handset Power Usage “Autonomy” Estimation Model

Development Project


During the May 2004 IWPC Workshop, Future Smart Phone Power Management, Hosted by Microsoft, one of the action items was to find a way to develop a high level “power usage autonomy model”.


The word “autonomy”, here, refers to the number of days a user can use the handset with his/her particular usage profile, without recharging the power source.


The goal of this project is to develop this spreadsheet model. 


The top level sheet of this spreadsheet model will ask for a handset user profile (minutes per day of use of various handset functions and features – so called “modes” of use) and will estimate the total number of hours that particular phone’s power system will last given a particular set of functional blocks.  The spreadsheet will contain a collection of sheets showing power usage for each operational mode for each different functional block.


Suppliers wishing to participate will provide power usage vs mode data for their particular functional block.


The end result is an estimate of the “autonomy” of that particular phone design (with a particular set of functional blocks) for that particular user profile. (Student, teenager, junior businessperson, senior businessperson, road warrior, mom, grand mom, etc., etc.)


This model can be used by service providers to estimate the autonomy of a particular phone design and used by suppliers of different functional blocks to estimate the impact of new designs, in terms of power management, from a systems point of view.


Verizon, Intel and others agreed to work to develop such a model, on condition that participants/contributors would not be required to include details on the internal structure of the elements of their particular functional blocks.


Don Brown/IWPC met with Verizon’s Steve Werden, Director, Device Evolution and Ron Borsato, MTS, Network Strategy on Friday, August 27, 2004 to move this process forward.


Ron Borsato agreed to lead this project.


NOTE:  As of November 2005, John Seeman of Verizon is now leading the project.



To achieve this goal, this group must develop the following:


  • A comprehensive set of handset modes, for example and not meant to be a complete list:

o       Standby time

o       Turn on phone

o       Turn off phone

o       Backlighting-on

o       Camera use

o       Messaging Rx

o       Messaging Tx

o       Data Rx

o       Data Tx

o       Voice Tx

o       Voice Rx

o       Tethered Data Tx

o       Tethered Data Rx

o       Tethered Power supply output

o       Bluetooth Tx

o       Bluetooth Rx

o       WiFi Tx

o       WiFi Rx

o       WiMAX Tx

o       WiMAX Rx

o       IrDA Tx

o       IrDA Rx

o       Music Playback w speaker

o       Music Playback w earphone

o       Video Playback

o       Etc., etc

  • A comprehensive set of top level phone functional blocks, for example and not meant to be a complete list:

    • Display
    • Rx chain
    • Tx chain
    • Baseband
    • Memory
    • Antenna
    • Camera
    • Speaker
    • Audio Analog Chain
    • Power Source
    • Circuit board/substrate
    • Etc, etc

  • An estimate of power use of each functional block for each mode


To develop this model, the following set of tasks are proposed:


  • Form the group of industry experts from IWPC Membership
  • Agree on the value proposition for the group of participants
  • Agree on ownership and use of the model
  • Agree on the division of labor and methods needed to complete the model
  • Agree on who would supply data and how that data would be supplied
  • Agree on a completion date
  • Prepare the spreadsheet model, documentation and test it.
  • Iterate until group is satisfied with result.


WEB based collaboration tools and phone conference calls will be the primary mode of development.  If needed, face-to-face meetings will be organized.


To join this group, please go to [email protected] or contact IWPC.



Don Brown

Director, IWPC

TEL:  215-293-9000

[email protected]

Skype:  donbrown2