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Interactive Technical Workshop


Limited to 100 seats



A Day with General Motors
2 Way Wireless Voice/Data Delivery Equipment and Service Options 
for Automotive Applications

& Tour:  GM's On-Star Command Center
(Restrictions may apply - subject  to GM/On-Star Approval)

 Hosted by: 
General Motors


Detroit, MI     USA

April 20-21, 2005


Hyatt Regency Dearborn
Fairlane Town Center
Dearborn, Michigan  48126
Tel: 313-593-1234
Fax: 313-593-3366



Organized by the International Wireless Packaging Consortium

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Workshop Background


There are already many different wireless links and subsystems communicating within, as well as into and out of automobiles.   The automobile is becoming and will become even more a significant element of our personal, family and business  voice and data communications center.


As the move to high data rate data services and entertainment takes place within homes and offices, alternative approaches are being explored and considered by the auto sector to interface with them.


Two important categories of alternatives are being considered.  One is the mobile communications industry 3G+ solutions (i.e. 802.16e, 802.20, UMTSx, CDMAx, MediaFlo, HSDPAx, Proprietary Bands, etc.) which will build on existing infrastruture.  


The second is the possible use of government sponsored Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) and Continuous Communications Air Interface for Long and Medium Range (CALM) systems being planned in North America and in Europe using dedicated frequency bands and with the primary purpose being for safety and security applications.


This workshop will focus on 2 of these alternatives. Among the many questions which need to be addressed are: 

  • What business cases can be made for DSRC and Mobile Broadband in terms of the automobile company and the automotive consumer?

  • How will the content providers add value to the automobile company and the automotive consumer?

  • Which network makes sense for the content providers to partner with?

  • Which Mobile Broadband Standard (protocol) makes most sense for the automotive environment?

  • Do we really need both (all) networks?

  • Can these networks work together?

  • How? 

  • What new equipment and components developments are needed to support these 2 networks, for the automotive environment?  

Workshop Goals

  • To understand the needs of the automobile makers in terms of wireless voice/data equipment and services.

  • To understand the possible relationships between the DSRC/CALM community, governments, wireless network providers, content providers and the consumer.

  • To understand what new developments will be needed from the wireless industry supply chain to meet these needs?

Reception, Wednesday April 20, 2005

7:00 PM

Social and Networking Reception

At Hotel

Thursday, April 21, 2005

7:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration


8:00 AM

Opening Remarks

IWPC Staff

8:15 AM


Each person will be asked to introduce him/herself and share how they can contribute to this process



9:00 AM


  • What are the desired features and requirements for high data rate services to/from vehicles?

  • What factors are unique to the auto sector?

  • Who would be the other players who have a role in delivering the service or applying the results?

  • What are some scenarios with respect to relationships between the service providers, the automakers and the governments?

  • What kind of volumes might be expected for such equipment and when might they ramp up?

  • What are the values and benefits of DSRC from an automaker's perspective?


The Wireless Challenge: Vehicle Connectivity and Associated Applications

Andrew Macdonald

Lab Group Manager

Vehicle Information Technology

Electrical Controls and  Integration Lab

General Motors


Broadband Requirements for OnStar Services

John Correia

Mgr: Advanced Systems



10:00 AM



10:30 AM

Service and Content Providers
Government and DSRC Representatives

  • Wireless Service and Content Delivery to moving automobiles

    • Which air interface do Providers see being used to connect to moving automobiles to deliver entertainment or other services?

    • How will these evolve?

    • What kind of content or services would be provided?

    • How would they see the service being delivered and administered? Differently than the standard hand held services?

  • Overview of DSRC

    • What would be the Government's role and expectations in DSRC  implementation, management and use?

    • What kind of applications or usages might be considered or foreseen for DSRC?

    • How will the implementation of DSRC network components--in-vehicle and infrastructure be financed and when?

    • Will there be a role for Wireless Service Providers in the operation of DSRC?

    • What are the FCC rules for spectrum usage?


Evolution of High-Speed Data Networks and Handset Capability Makes Broadband Delivery to Automobiles a Reality

Craig Creason

Business Development Manager



Verizon Wireless Technology Overview

Mark Jones

Data Solutions Manager

Verizon Wireless Data 

Verizon Wireless 


Overview of DSRC

Gary Pruitt
Director, Advanced Technology Programs



DSRC from a State Government Perspective

Gregory Krueger
Traffic and Safety Engineer

Department of Transport

Government of Michigan

12:30 PM




1:30 PM

Service and Content Providers
Government and DSRC Representatives


Speakers and Other Service and Content Providers and Government and DSRC Representatives present.

2:15 PM

WIRELESS Equipment 

  • What are the options for high data rate entertainment and service delivery mobile equipment in vehicles? 

  • What are the pros and cons with respect to the cost/performance achievable for such equipment in comparison to what would be achieved in the standard products?

  • What are the key issues and technologies which the supply chain might be asked to address to help better meet the requirements of the auto sector for these services?

  • What would a DSRC unit contain and can costs comparable to those for the 3G+ units be expected?

  • Given that DSRC operates in a frequency band close to the 5.8 GHz ISM band, is is possible to leverage the common hardware for services both in the DSRC band and the ISM band equipment?

  • What will be the relationship between the handset makers and DSRC equipment makers and the Tier 1 auto electronics equipment suppliers?

  • What are some issues or relationships which might emerge for suppliers down-chain?


Seamless Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities

Frank Tobolski

Motorola Telematics

Motorola Automotive Innovation Center



5.9 GHz DSRC: Enabling Real Time Safety

Stephen Spenler
Senior System Engineer





  • Delphi
  • Siemens VDO


3:15 PM



3:45 PM

WIRELESS Equipment 



RaySat Terminals for In-Motion Satellite TV and Internet

Daniel DiFonzo

Chief Technical Officer



Field demonstration of mobile high speed data transmission from 4.9 GHz to 5.925 GHz using FlexiRadio

Dr. Leonhard Korowajczuk




4:45 PM


GM, Service and Content providers
Government and DSRC Representatives

Did the workshop meet GM's expectations?

5:15 PM

Take Aways & Closing Remarks


What Can the IWPC Do To Help the Industry Move Forward?


6:00 PM


6:30 PM

Tour:  GM On-Star Command Center

(Restrictions may apply - subject  to GM/On-Star Approval)


Bus transportation provided to/from Facility

Bus will leave the hotel at 6:30 PM.  

The Tour will begin around 7:00 PM and be finished around 8PM.

The Bus will then return to the Hotel.

8:00 PM

Dinner (Dutch *)

* = in this context, Dutch is a term which means that each person will be responsible for their own dinner costs.


For those who desire to join us, we get together to enjoy good friends, good food, good wine and [really] bad jokes



Deadline for electronic version of handout materials:  April 8, 2005



ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members, Attendees AND pre-approved guests will be asked to cover out of pocket workshop costs such as conference room costs, food (Social Reception plus First Day breakfast/lunch 2 Breaks), booklet copying, audio/visual costs, bus transportation to/from tour, etc.


We estimate that these costs will be approximately $278. (US) per person. 
(final cost to be determined as we get closer to the actual workshop date)


ALL Hosts, Speakers, Panel Members, Attendees AND pre-approved guests will be asked to pay this fee in advance with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, personal check or business check.


Make checks payable to IWPC.



Hyatt Regency Dearborn
Fairlane Town Center
Dearborn, Michigan  48126
Tel: 313-593-1234
Fax: 313-593-3366



Please contact the hotel directly for reservations.  Mention the IWPC room block rate of $129.  Cut-off date for reservations is April 4, 2005.  After that date rooms cannot be guaranteed at the IWPC rate.



A Computer Projector will be available for the speakers.  


In addition, we audiotape all presentations and the interactive discussions.  Post workshop, presentations are made available to IWPC Members on the IWPC WEB site, along with “movies” of all presentations and panel sessions.



Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.



Business casual suggested.   No ties, please !!



IWPC prepares a handout binder with ALL presentation materials delivered to the IWPC on or before the deadline.


For ALL IWPC members:


All IWPC members are invited to submit a maximum of 4 pages of materials to include in this handout binder. These pages should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.


For all companies who will be making a presentation at the Workshop:


You are invited to submit an advance copy of your presentation, complete with graphics and illustrations.

These materials will be copied and handed out at the workshop and included in the IWPC Web site.

Please submit these materials either by email, as a Word for Windows file, Power Point files or PDF files.


Please send electronic materials (any size file) to:

[email protected]


or by snail mail to:

610 Louis Drive, Suite 301

Warminster, PA  18974  USA


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