Evolving Small Cell Architectures Towards 5G

Exploring Licensed <6GHz and mmWave, Unlicensed Technologies and Shared Spectrum Densification, C-RAN, In-Building, DAS and Backhaul/Fronthaul Transport Opportunities and Challenges, CBRS, WiFi, MulteFire, LAA.

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November 28-30, 2018


Hyatt Regency La Jolla

San Diego, CA



Limited to 100 seats

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Attendance open to all IWPC Members


Small cells are likely to be a key component of 5G networks, offering significantly increased network capacity, density and coverage, especially indoors. Considering the Heterogeneous nature of 5G, where the different cell sizes using a mix of microwave and higher frequency millimentre access radios provide ultra dense coverage in defined geographic areas, may promote the deployment of ever smaller small cells. Private LTE and 5G networks deployed in licensed spectrum with appropriate spectrum/network sharing schemes may be an opportunity for existing operators, while open access spectrum deployments with interoperable shared equipment (such as CBRS and MulteFire) are emerging concepts which are still to be proven.

Workshop Goals

  • Explore optimized RF Systems for multiple new access networks and architectures
  • Assess future potential for small cell, DAS and other RAN architectures for 5G
  • Understand potential for 28GHz beam forming and steering for 2x2 MIMO towards Massive MIMO
  • Qualify real world results to support media claims, especially RF performance and path loss issues
  • Ensure 5G voice and data quality will meet enterprise private network demands


November 28


7:00 PM

Evening Reception and Registration at Hotel

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November 29 Thursday

7:00 AM


8:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions



Challenges associated with Small Cell Deployment

  • Optimizing RF Systems for multiple new access networks and architectures
  • 28GHz beam forming and steering for 2x2 MIMO towards Massive MIMO
  • Assessing path loss versus performance
  • What data can support hype and claims
  • Ensuring voice and data quality for enterprise private networks
  • Partnering for success

Keynote Presentation


DMTS - MTCE RF Systems

10:00 AM

Networking Break


10:40 AM

Carrier Challenges and Opportunities

  • Challenges associated with Small Cell Deployment
  • Timescales for deployment of Small-cell
  • Direction of what small cells is moving towards in Frequency and Antenna type, power...etc.
  • Small cell network prospects
  • 5GNR-we know what the hype says, but what will be delivered in Q1 2019
  • Integrated small cells with Roadside units (RSUs)
  • Status of deployment including timelines, cost points, and current state of the technology for deployments
  • How is the industry addressing MulteFire?
  • What is the vision for integrated Access and Backhaul

Small Cell Economics


Director, National Engineering


MulteFire Technology Update


Staff Engineer, Qualcomm




12:00 Noon

Networking Lunch


1:00 PM

System Innovation

  • Challenges associated with Small Cell Deployment
  • Direction of what small cells is moving towards in Frequency and Antenna type, power, etc.
  • Dense Network Planning for Small Cells
  • What are the trends with SoC Small Cells with 5G, sub-6GHz and mmWave
  • Understanding potential for mmWave 5G small cells
  • RF System performance and capability
  • Evolution from LTE to 5G
  • Small cell network prospects from the device perspective
  • Observations from the deployment of Licensed, Unlicensed and Shared Spectrum outdoor Small Cells
  • Study of Small Cell deployment architectures today, including an overview of performance, coverage and operational expectations
  • Architectural/implementation challenges in today's networks and strategies for how these are addressed
  • What changes as we proceed towards 5G
  • Mobile Edge Computing technologies for 5G
  • Enterprise V-RAN/C-RAN, CBRS, Next generation, EPC/Local Break-out, Ownership models, etc.
  • The impact of new architecture on design and implementation
  • Latency requirements of Small Cells, CPE and User Equipment.

Confessions of an Outdoor Street Cell


Director, Head of LTE Radio Access Network Evolution


Real World Lessons Learned from LAA Deployments


In-Building Technical Marketing



Impact of VRAN and Massive MIMO on 5G Small Cell Architecture


VP, Innovative Technologies




3:00 PM

Networking Break


3:40 PM

System Innovation, continued

  • Delivering effective in-building connectivity
  • In-building 5G requirements
  • Architectural options for 5G RAN
  • RAN split optimized for in-building 5G and enabling features
  • Considerations around 5G NR in-building deployments on CBRS band
  • Considerations around distributed massive MIMO for in-building 5G

Laying the Foundations of In-Building 5G


Director, Product Line Management


Enabling Small Cell Deployment


Senior Engineer



5:00 PM

Panel Discussion


Invited Carriers and OEMs 

5:40 PM



7:00 PM

Networking Dinner at Rei Do Gado

Bus departs Lobb at 6:30pm


November 30


7:00 AM



8:00 AM

System Innovation and Technology Enablers

  • With every major sporting event a new record is set for data usage - Investifating data demand drivers and technology and deployment options
  • Investigating data demand drivers and technology  and deployment options
  • Maintaining and improving fan experience
  • How can investment cycles keep pace with demand for capacity
  • Sports venue capacity and performance tradeoffs
  • Bringing capacity closer to the spectator-how can this be done within the requirements of the venue owner?
  • Levering new technologies and spectrum
  • Addressing flat revenue for business
  • 28GHz - 2x2 MIMO, where are we?
  • Path loss versus performance
  • Reality versus Hype
  • Benefits and drawbacks of 4G C-RAN architectures
  • Using wireless fronthaul to streamline deployments and operation
  • Evolution to 5G C-RAN
  • How beamforming matters to the evolved transport network
  • Improving transport data throughout 7.5 GB/s over only a 70 MHz channel in the 5.8 GHz band
  • Exploring frequency and medium agnostic solutions for fiber and radio
  • Separating and compressing the IQ data from the proprietary control channel in CPRI streams
  • Considering 7.2 split for 5G fronthaul
  • CBRS, LAA, 5G New Radio, mmWave
  • New market segments

The Game is Changing in Stadiums and Arenas


Senior Technical Advisor


Evolving Transport Architectures-Challenges and Practical Solutions


General Manager



Evolving 5G Transport for Macro and Small Cell Sites


Principal Solutions Architect PON





10:00 AM

Networking Break


10:40 AM

Technology Enablers, continued

  • Is 5G mmW going to happen, on which applications/devices, when and how long?
  • Probable architectures and antenna placement in mmWave
  • New vertical sectors
  • Launching mmWave <6GHz and unlicensed
  • 5G deployment
  • Architectures for Private 5G networks
  • Performance requirments for private 5G
  • Advance services and security requirements for 5G


Small Cell Architectures with Beamforming: Impacts in both 4G and 5G


Director of Product Engineering



Enterprise Virtual RAN-How the Vision, Standards and Current Deployments, can Continue and Evolve


Corporate CCO & General Manager


12:00 Noon

Networking Lunch


1:00 PM

Technology Enablers, continued

  • Applications spaces, new requirements, market potential and technical leverage
  • Evolving Small Cell Architectures
  • Market demands and technical requirements in the small-cell context-FR1 and FR2
  • Link budget challenges
  • Is there a need for higher mmWave frequencies for additional bandwidths?
  • Terminal antenna challenges for 600 MHz to 7 GHz

Beyond the 5G Hype: 5G mmWave RF Solutions for Small Cell Applications





NR-U @ 60GHz.


Principal Engineer



Small Cell GaN Power Amplifier Architecture and Performance


Chief Engineer


3:00 PM

Networking Break


3:40 PM

Test and Validation

  • Small Cell test cases, test scenarios and test results
  • 5G trial test environment set-up and KPI measurement
  • Challenges and performance of 5G trials
  • Experimental results from early test beds
  • Validating architectural innovation
  • Proving transport for 5G
  • Fronthaul and Backhaul Challenges

Fronthaul Validation and Testing


Senior Technical Marketing Manager


4:20 PM

Closing Discussion

Host and Invited Carriers 


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