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Short Range Radio Outlook

Standards, Equipment, Technologies

WLAN-x, Bluetooth(TM)-x, ZigBee(TM)-x, 
LPR-x, UWB-x, 802.16x, DSRC, 60 GHz PAN

Co-Hosted by: 
Fairchild Semiconductor
Infineon Technologies
Philips Semiconductor
RF Monolithics
Texas Instruments


April 4-6, 2004
Dearborn, MI  USA

Ritz-Carlton Dearborn
Fairlane Plaza
300 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI  48126
Phone: 313-441-2000
Fax: 313-441-2051



Organized by the International Wireless Packaging Consortium


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Moderated by
Don Brown, Director, IWPC
Rene Douville, Technical Director, IWPC


Workshop Background

WOW -- If you start to think about ALL of the various short range (<1KM) wireless standards and their variations (WLAN-b,a,g,p,n,?, Bluetooth-Profile 1 thru 20+, ZigBee-x, LPR-x, UWB-x, 802.16-a,e, 60 GHz PAN) and then think about ALL of the various consumer/enterprise, industrial, medical, automotive applications - and start to think about all of the changes and updates that are being planned for all of these standards -- you are left with a very complex question to answer -- which standard(s) is/are best for which application?

The IWPC has held 4 previous workshops on short range radio technologies and markets.

We have learned a lot about the standards and applications as these technologies have been emerging, but with the advent of UWB, ZigBee, 802.16x, and 802.20x, not to mention the updates on Bluetooth and 802.11x and Low Power Radio (LPR) -- it is time to take another careful look at ALL of these technologies and markets - IN CONTEXT -- of competitive technologies for various applications.

For example -- if a longer range broadband radio technology, like 802.16x or 802.20x is successful - does it replace some of the 802.11x hotspot offerings?

Or -- where will ZigBee fit into the overall picture, as Bluetooth chip set costs come way down on the learning curve?

Or -- LPR radio technologies are already here and now at very low cost -- will LPR start to make inroads in cost sensitive new short range radio applications?

There are many other examples of new standards, which offer new combinations of power, range, data-rate and costs which each application developer must consider.

Workshop Goal

The GOAL of this workshop is to continue the process of bringing the wireless industry supply chain together to explore the needs and available technologies to support all of these various applications and help the chip set, package/module and system developers understand the best combinations of short range radio standards for which applications.

Sunday, April 4,  2004

7:00 PM

Social Reception


Monday, April 5,  2004

7:00 AM


Registration and Breakfast



8:00 AM

Opening remarks


8:20 AM


Attendee Introductions



9:00 AM

Standards and Applications for short range radio technologies


  • Consumer/Enterprise
    • portable phones/PDAs
    • laptops/keyboards/pointer devices/printers/projectors, etc.
    • hot spots/wide area integrated access
    • fixed/portable broadband
    • cameras
    • in-building/in-home distribution
    • home entertainment gateways
    • games/toys
    • garage doors, etc.
    • others?
  • Industrial
    • telemetry
    • security
    • meter reading
    • others?
  • Medical
    • hospital data management
    • patient telemetry
    • others?
  • Automotive
    • to be covered in the Day with Ford Motor Company following this event


  • What are the markets?
  • When will these markets emerge?
  • What short range radio specs do each market desire?
    • data rate
    • range
    • power
    • frequency
    • costs
    • packaging form factors
    • licensed vs unlicensed radio frequency
  • What is the status of short range radio standards activities, worldwide?

  • What spectrum allocations are available and planned, worldwide?

  • What convergence, if any, is possible between the various short range radio specs?

  • What will determine "success" for these various short range radio standards?


DeMystifying the Standards

Robert Heile, PhD
Chair IEEE 802.15
Chair ZigBee Alliance
CTO, Appairent Tech.

Wireless Technology Shaping the Future of Communications

Nancy Goguen
Executive Director, Strategic Marketing

Texas Instruments

What are the needs of end users, What do they want, and what is the role of the carrier in this landscape?

Anish Srivastava
Director, Research
France Telecom

Choosing the Right Short Range Radio Technology - A Business View

Matt Maupin
Product Marketing Manager

Impact of Supplier-Customer Business Models on Module Development

Joe Adam
VP Strategic Planning


10:00 AM





10:30 AM

Standards and Applications for short range radio technologies




12:00 PM





1:00 PM

Panel Session


Panel 1
Industry Groups and Service Providers


Panel members will represent many short range radio end-product applications and standards and will discuss standards needed and desired for various current and future applications.



Panel Members Confirmed
  • Appairent Technology Chair IEEE 802.15
    ZigBee Alliance

  • British Telecom

  • France Telecom

  • InterDigital Communications Corp./Chair IEEE 802.16e

  • Low Power Radio Association


2:00 PM


Applications for short range radio technologies




Reconciling Standards with Unlicensed Radio Regulations and Diverse Low Power Radio User Needs

Frank Perkins
VP New Business Development

RF Monolithics

UWB and Mesh Networks as Enabling Technologies

John Boot
Director Standards Strategy

60 GHz PAN vs UWB

Brian Gaucher
RSM Manager

3:30 PM




4:00 PM

Panel Session


Panel 2
Customer Applications


Panel members will represent many short range radio end-product applications and standards and will discuss standards needed and desired for various current and future applications.


Panel Members Confirmed


  • Flo Healthcare

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Intel Corp.

  • Instantel

  • Invensys

  • Kyocera Wireless

  • Mattel-Tyco RC

  • OnStar Corp.

  • Samsung

  • VXI Corp.

5:00 PM


Open Discussion


5:30 PM


adjourn for day


7:00 PM


Dearborn Style

Bus transportation provided to/from hotel to/from restaurant.





Tuesday, April 6,  2004

7:00 AM



8:00 AM


Chip set/module developers

  • What are the considerations for developing a short range radio chip set/module?

  • What are the tradeoffs in using different semiconductor materials for short range radio chip sets?

    • III/V compounds, vs

    • silicon

  • What combinations of short range radios does it make sense to combine in one module?

  • What packaging/module requirements are needed to further meet the needs of the industry?

  • How do the new global ecological regulations effect future designs?




Short Range Communications - Architectures and Signal Processing

Dr. André Neubauer,
Infineon Tech.

Integrated Module Solutions for Wireless Applications

Roger Benson
Package Design Manager


Power Amplifier Challenges for Short Wave Radio

John Donnenwirth
Manager, WLAN Products,

Fairchild Semiconductor

Integrated Passives for Small Size / Low Cost Radio Applications

Mike Alferman
Director Application Eng.,


System-in-Package Options for Short Range Radios and Combinations

Pieter Lok
Innovation Manager / Marketing
Philips Semiconductor

10:00 AM





10:30 AM

Enabling technologies from the wireless Industry supply chaiN


  • What enabling technologies are available to meet these short range radio chip set and module requirements, now and in the future?

    • Device Technologies

    • Device Packaging Technologies

    • Module Technologies

    • Assembly and Process Technologies

    • Packaging Technologies

    • Materials Options for lead free / bromine free / halogen reduced:

      • Ceramics

      • Organic substrate materials

      • Plastic cases

      • Solders

      • Adhesives

      • Metals

    • Antennas

    • Displays

    • Shielding

    • Design Tools

    • Cabling and connectors

    • Others..

  • How will the new regulatory take-back and reuse issues effect future unit sales of devices, modules, materials, etc.?

Low Cost Microwave Laminates for Telematics and Short Range Radio Applications

Denis Boulanger
Microwave Sales Mgr.
Neltec, Inc.

Advances in Electrically Conductive Elastomers

Gary Fenical
EMC & ESD Engineer
Laird Technologies

Title TBA

Gregg Wildes
Global Product Manager
WL Gore & Associates


New Antenna Technologies for Short Range Radios

Dr. Oliver Leisten
Founder, CTO

Sarantel Ltd.

Title TBA

Doug Mathews
Director, RF
AMKOR Technologies

12:30 PM



1:30 PM

Set Up Break Out Sessions Working Groups


Questions to be answered:

1.  What are the gaps in:




 2.  What is needed from the supply chain to address these gaps?


3.  What can the IWPC do to assist?

The group will interactively discuss and identify opportunities for future fruitful development.


We will break into small working groups and allow members to interact with like and no-so-like minded professionals.


The goal of this process is to clarify the needs and identify new opportunities for development.


Each working group will identify a leader and at the end, the leader will make a short presentation on the findings and conclusions of their group.

1:45 PM

Breakout sessions


4:00 PM

Breakout session reports

Each Working Group Leader will make a 10 minute presentation to summarize the Wish List Items and Conclusions of his/her working group.

Group will come together and have an interactive discussion to exchange and challenge ideas presented by working group leaders.

This process dramatically expands the thinking of the attendees.

5:00 pm

Take-aways & Closing remarks


6:00 PM



7:30 PM

SOCIAL RECEPTION with THE Attendees of:



Included in the registration fee

Wednesday, April 7, 2004


2nd IWPC Event

a dAY with 

& Tour
Ford Motor Company Research Laboratory

NOTE:  Tour is limited to 30 persons, MAX,
subject to Ford approval,

Tour registrations are closed
as we have reached our MAX limit.


Requires Additional Registration







IWPC Interactive Technical Workshops, available to IWPC members only (2 persons per IWPC Member Company), unlike traditional conferences and workshops, are highly interactive and are attended by senior technology and business leaders who make a commitment to cooperate to forward advanced packaging technology.



Deadline for electronic version of handout materials:  March 26, 2004


ALL attendees AND pre-approved guests will be asked to cover out of pocket workshop costs such as food, entertainment, booklet copying, audio/visual costs, etc. 
We estimate that these costs will be approximately $465. (US) per person.
(final cost to be determined as we get closer to the actual workshop date)


Attendees AND pre-approved guests will be asked to pay this fee in advance with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, personal check or business check.


Make checks payable to IWPC.



Ritz-Carlton Dearborn
Fairlane Plaza
300 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI  48126
Phone: 313-441-2000
Fax: 313-441-2051


Please contact the hotel directly to make reservations at the IWPC room block rate of $159.  Please make reservations before March 15, 2004.



All projector formats will be available for the speakers.  

·         Computer projector  

·         Overhead projector  

In addition, we plan to audiotape all presentations and the interactive discussions. This tape will be transcribed and made available to all IWPC members.



Business cards will be collected at the door from all attendees. We will make copies of these cards, which will be available to all who provided a business card.



Business casual suggested.    No ties, please !!




It is our intention to prepare a handout booklet. We propose its contents be as follows:

For ALL IWPC members:  


All IWPC members are invited to submit a maximum of 4 pages of materials to include in this handout booklet. These pages should NOT BE SALES MATERIALS. Rather, we suggest it contain technical information about your technology as it relates to the workshop topics.

For all companies who will be making a presentation at the Workshop:  


You are invited to submit an advance copy of your presentation, complete with graphics and illustrations.

This booklet will be copied and handed out at the workshop and included in the IWPC Web site.  

Please submit these materials either by email, as a Word for Windows file or Power Point files.  


Please send ALL presentation materials to:

[email protected]


or by snail mail to:


610 Louis Drive, Suite 301

Warminster, PA  18974      USA


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