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Technology Supplier


As a savvy technology or business leader, you will never have enough resources to bet on all emerging concepts, and you can never assume the customer is always right. As such, your success is based on targeting the right technologies, allocating your investments, conquering development cycles, and choosing the right time to market to maximize your profits.


Our members work to improve performance by :

  • Navigating beyond RFQ specifications and developing end customer clarification of complete systems to understand first-hand how they will work

  • Gaining direct access to your "customer’s customer" (etc.) to validate the fixed and moving targets that are always part of technology evolution

  • Understanding what is outside of your control in the global supply chain process that can impact your overall success

  • Seeking technologies/partners you don’t have today and finding who to contact

for ALL things wireless.


ACS Solutions, CEO

YouTube Video

Arlon Inc., VP of Marketing


Avago Technologies, Strategic Marketing Manager

YouTube Video

CSR, Steve Jones

YouTube Video

Ethertronics, Chief Scientist

YouTube Video

ETI, Thomas Economou

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Vice Head

Freescale, Operations Manager

YouTube Video

Gapwaves US, Doug Lockie

YouTube Video

Gore, Misty Gaynor

YouTube Video

Intel, Dr. Dominik Schmidt

InterDigital, Chris Cave

YouTube Video Other Video

Netlogic, Oliver Lauvray

Reverb Networks, Richard Cuthill

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Effie Favreau


Tensilica, Dr. Chris Rowen


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